We Love Golf 9878
* Playtime: 16 hours main tourament, 40-50 for entire game
* difficultly levels allow anyone to play
* Controls feel good
* play flows very nicely
* easy putting
* pleasing character design
* control scheme is forgiving

Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon 8898

* Closer to an RPG
* Difficultly isn’t abusive
* Not as much of a “fixed puzzle” feel
* creating items is easy
* One-shot dungeons with level limitations
* story unfolds nicely
* various jobs are fun
* music consists of remixes of classic FF tunes

Nights 8777

* Doesn’t really use Wiimote
* Good replay value
* unique controls, but they may be bothersome
* bosses call out hints to help you before the battle
* restart stage if you die
* Human missions spice things up, but are a bit distracting
* heartwarming
* can’t skip real-time cutscenes