This little girls father can not be a normal father making a little cake in his kitchen, but some type of super awesome chef. The cake is more then and eatable delight but a master piece. Check out some of the items that went into the cake and a video of it in action after the jump.

Mario and bullet


Piranha Plant


Star bits (3 separate strands moving around under the castle rock)


Spinning spike guy (this motor moves both the spinning red guy and presses the button to activate Luigi’s motor to spin)


Pill planet


100 strand of fiber optics in space background (attached to a LED star field fiber optic box)

Flickering EL wire (simulates electricity)


There were 21 songs from the game playing from the mp3 player and speakers crammed in with the mass of wires in the base.  Luckily someone had posted the music on youtube already so I didn’t have to rip them myself.

I believe it is 7 batches of Rice Krispies and 7 cakes.  What parts are edible you say?  The top ~60% of the round planet is cake.  The entire castle is cake and the castle towers are Rice Krispies.  The pill planet is Rice Krispies.  The silver disc is cake.

More Pictures HERE