“Who the hell – who didn’t grow up with that stuff – over 45 or 50 can handle pushing 50 different buttons on a hand control? The answer is no one, right? Or very few, so there is a whole pile of people left out of the equation. For one thing, I like it (the Wii) because I did most of what they are doing in 1989, 1990-91. I had Konami in here – the VP for, I think, product development came with a couple of Chinese factory people and I showed them a whole bunch of stuff all of that nature. Like shooting at the screen not with a gun, but with a helmet with an optical eyesight inside so that you could home in on the target and yell in the mouthpiece ‘fire’ and being able to fire. Things like knowing where you are with respect to the screen so that the object on the screen can interact with you depending upon where you are in the room.” – Ralph Baer