The above video is from E3 2006, but it just gives you an idea of what Square Enix has in store for the game.

Square Enix shared a few details about the upcoming Wii FF game, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles the Crystal Bearers. IGN has some details on a new trailer that was shown as well:

A trailer was shown — a brief video cut together from short snippets of real-time in-game footage. The video was more meant to show off the art style being employed in the game and not actual gameplay, so we got a lot of shots of the lead character — a blond haired bloke with goggles — jumping around in cutscenes. But it was real-time, and it looked sharp and smooth, and it looked like the game’s going to be in widescreen on the Nintendo Wii.

Hopefully, we’ll get this updated trailer this weekend.

Source: IGN Wii