Yet another Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer has been released, and with it, we finally get to see the conclusion of Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio’s evolutionary line.

  • Rowlett’s final form is Decidueye. It is a grass/ghost type with overgrow as its ability. Its signature move spirit shackle prevents opponents from switching out.
  • Litten becomes Incineroar which is a fire/dark type. It has blaze as an ability, and its special move, darkest lairiat ignores the stat changes of an opponent.
  • Popplio’s last evolution is Primarina, and it is a water/fairy type. It has the ability torrent and its special technique, sparkling aria heals the burns of any target it hits.

In addition to the final starter evolutions, we were also introduced to the rest of the guardians of the Alolan islands.

  • Akala island’s guardian is called Tapu LeLe, and it’s a psychic/fairy type with the ability psychic surge, which changes the terrain in the battlefield to the psychic type.
  • Ula’ula island has Tapu Bulu as its guardian. It’s a grass/fairy type with grass surge as its ability. Grass surge changes the field type to grass.
  • Poni island’s protector is named Tapu Fini. It’s a water/fairy type with the ability misty surge, which changes the terrain to water.

Each of the Alolan guardians shares a special Z-move, which is called guardian of Alola. In addition to the guardian’s a few more new Pokemon were introduced.

  • Up first is the psychic type, Cosmog, with the ability unaware.
  • Much like Meowth, Persian also receives an Alolan form. It retains its dark typing, and has either fur coat or technician for an ability.

It was also revealed in the trailer that as you play through the story, you’ll get to witness the creation of the Alolan Pokemon League. A new mode called the battle tree was announced as well, and in it, Alolan champions can battle or team up with famous trainers from past series. The trailer so far has show off Cynthia, Wally, and Trainers Red and Blue.

With the steady stream of news plus the demo available, are you excited for Sun and Moon? Let us know what you think in the comments!