Expanding on the recent Fire Emblem Fates Conquest/Birthright,  Nintendo announced the release date of the third path, Revelation, which will be available on March 10, for $19.99. In the in-game menu, select “explore fates” to connect online and purchase Revelation.  During the deciding moment, players will then be able to “refuse to choose a side” and go down the Revelation path.

Nintendo has also announced new maps will be available to purchase starting today: Museum Melee and Ghostly Gold.  Finally, a third map, Royal Royale, will be available to purchase on March 17.  In this map, the siblings of both kingdoms will duke it out to see who is worthy to save an alternate dimension version of Corrin.  Each of these maps will be available for the price of $2.49 each.  Further DLC maps will be available weekly up until April 21.