So after seeing the midnight showing of Spiderman 3. I was ready to put my Spidey skills to the test and prove I was worthy, to call my self, Spiderman!! I have only played about 30 percent of the game so far, and here are my first impressions.

Controls: The controls for Spiderman 3 are pretty fun. Using the wiimote and nuncuck to swing though New York City is pretty amazing. By holding down the B button while swinging the wiimote, and holding the Z button and swinging the nunchuck. You can swing like Spiderman.

The controls for fighting are pretty simple, all you use is a flick of the wiimote for punches and press the B button for a super attack.

Gameplay: If you played Spiderman 2 its pretty much the same thing. You go around the city doing different missions. Stopping a mugging, saving a building from bombs and so on. The only real difference between Spidey 2 and 3 is of course the boss battles. Which rely aren’t as epic as the movie is.

Graphics: This is where the game takes a Dive. The graphics are just the totally opposite of great. Spidermans movements are pretty slick. The rendering of buildings in the distant are just terrible. The buildings up close are terrible. Spidey fans walking around the city, are once again Terrible. When are developers going to learn that the Wii really does have some graphical power, and use it?


Controls: 7/10

Gamplay: 6/10

Graphics: 4/10