After the special Pokemon Direct that aired exactly one month ago, Pokemon Sun and Moon were announced as the next installments in the Pokemon main series of titles. Besides announcing the games, Nintendo has been tight-lipped about the titles so far.

Luckily for us, sources over at have been able to confirm that we will finally be getting a closer look at the new games via Gathering at the Pokemon House, a Japanese Pokemon variety TV show.

On an episode set to air on April 3rd, series director Junichi Masuda, as well as battle director Shigeki Morimoto and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire director Shigeru Ohmori will appear on the show to talk about the new games and show off the first TV aired footage of them in action.

Are you excited that we will finally be getting some Pokemon Sun and Moon news? What do you hope the footage will show us? Share your thoughts in the comments!