Over the weekend, gamers and gaming media sites were buzzing over a rumor that some of the first wave amiibo figures were discontinued.  This rumor was about the Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, and Villager amiibo stemming from the Tweet below from a Canadian video game retailer.

Now there are reports surfacing that there are no amiibo from the first wave are being discontinued and that stores are just short on supply.  This conflicting report comes from another tweet that pictures an e-mail reply from Nintendo’s PR.  The e-mail appears to be from David Young, the Assistant Manager of PR according to his LinkedIn profile but this could also be bogus as well.

While it is still unclear if any of the amiibo from the first wave are discontinued or not, we hope that retailers are just sold out and have more coming in.  It would be quite odd for Nintendo to be discontinuing amiibo figures so early since the first wave did just release on November 21st in North America.  So the rumor that some of the initial figures were discontinued seems to be completely false to begin with.  Now if we could only get Nintendo to comment on the GameCube adapter situation.

Update: The amiibo saga continues in a statement from Nintendo to Kotaku.

“We [Nintendo] will aim for certain amiibo to always be available. These will be for our most popular characters like Mario and Link. Due to shelf space constraints, other figures likely will not return to the market once they have sold through their initial shipment.”