Improve Your Maths, Test Your Spelling and Then Take a Colourful Puzzle Challenge in a Brand New Range of Exclusive Nintendo DS Titles

Milton Keynes – 505 Games is set to test the nation thanks to a fantastic line-up of fiendish puzzle and brain stimulating titles created exclusively for Nintendo DS. Are you ready to spell, calculate and colour your way to success?

Spellbound, Maths Made Simple
and Blended provide DS owners with the perfect mix of learning, intellectual stimulus and addictive puzzle action. What’s more, they’re all heading your way this Autumn – just in time for those cold train commutes to work or a little bit of extra-curricular activity for pupils starting the new term.

Spellbound is an innovative spelling game that tests your language skills and gets more difficult as your abilities improve. With more than 25,000 different words to spell, 100 potential difficulty levels and 11 varied modes you’ll be a walking dictionary in no time. And, if you want a little extra challenge, you can choose from five languages to hone your foreign abilities too.

Up next is Maths Made Simple, which is based on a book by Japanese professor Susumu Sakurai. Through a range of exercises, you’ll learn Professor Sakurai’s revolutionary method for breaking down mathematical problems into simply easy-to-follow steps. There are 17 different techniques to learn and each has practical applications in everyday life too.

Finally it’s time to exercise your brain in Blended, the colourful puzzler from new UK developer Crush Digital. Similar to the popular “gem-swapping” genre of games, Blended takes things a step further by challenging players to mix colours together to create groups of three or more. Using the stylus, it’s incredibly easy to blend yellow and blue to make green or red and blue to make purple, just like an artist’s palette. But you’ve got to be careful to use the correct colours, otherwise you’ll create a grey splodge that can’t be mixed. With six different modes to text your skills, it’s the perfect way to liven up those dull moments.

Spellbound is released on September 5th, Maths Made Simple is heading your way on October 3rd and Blended completes the set on November 7th. All are available exclusively on Nintendo DS.


• Test yourself with more than 25,00 spelling words
• 11 challenging word games
• Improve your spelling in Quick Play mode
• Choose from 100 difficulty levels
• Learn words in five languages

Maths Made Simple
• Learn simple and fun ways to perform complex calculations
• Lesson mode with 17 different calculation methods
• Choice of game play modes: Lesson, Quiz, Drill and Skill Exam
• Hint mode will suggest how to use maths effectively in everyday life

• Simple but addictive gameplay
• Four different single-player modes: Quick Draw, Freehand, Puzzle and Painter
• Two multiplayer modes: Tug of War and Speed Painting
• Wireless demo to send to friends with a Nintendo DS