I am just going just to place here, what Kotaku had to say about this.  I can’t put it any better.

Wii version of Manhunt 2 over concerns that the game uses motion control to have players act out kill moves in the game, Game Politics first reported.

Attorney General Bill McCollumn was interviewed by a Florida Fox affiliate about his concerns with the game, but the piece hasn’t aired yet. Fox News reporter Orlando Salinas also interviewed our very favorite attorney Jack Thompson about the game.

When contacted by Kotaku, McCollum’s press secretary had this to say:

Attorney General Bill McCollum is concerned about any games which may instill violence in children, particularly games that encourage children to engage in violent behavior, even in simulation. He believes it is important to help protect children from influences which may introduce violence into their lives and stresses the importance of parental involvement in the efforts to keep these influences out of our homes and away from our families.

The story comes after weeks of Thompson trying to drum up political support for his latest freedom of speech witch hunt. I’m surprised that McCollumn would express any interest in a topic that on its face deals more with parental responsibility and constitutional rights than it does any sort of public safety or nuisance issue. I guess McCollumn is the one person Thompson hasn’t sued yet in Florida.

Why Can’t people just leave the Gaming Industry alone.  There are more violent things out there.  Like Hostel  2, which is a whole movie about torturing people, which opens this week.  Why not say something about that.  I think that the ultimate fighting championship series teaches kids more about violence then a simple video games.  I probably should stop here or I may get my self in trouble.  Then the next headline you see will be. “Florida Attorney General “Looking Into” Niwifi.net. Argghh……