Nintendo has revealed plans to develop a successor to its popular Wii console system, with plans for a global launch in 2010.Imaginatively named the Nintendo Wii 2 (although this could just be a working title), the new system purports to offer a higher specification graphics chip than Sony’s PS3 and a more advanced remote controller than the original. The system will also include a Blu-ray player.

A spokesman for Nintendo said: “The Nintendo Wii has become popular beyond our expectations. And to keep interest in the format on a high, we plan to give fans of the system even more when we release its sequel.

“Wii 2 will give users a Blu-ray player, allowing for larger games and HD movie playback. It will also have graphics more advanced than on any other console and we are revising the Wii Remote and Nunchuk with a new system that will offer more accuracy, more freedom and a greater all-round experience than the current system”.