Dark, Molten, and Shadow gear for everybody!

Whether the recent black hole and subsequent second chapter brought you back to Fortnite or you never left, you’ll be happy to know Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Epic Games have now released even more all new content for you. Available digitally and in retail stores (download code only, no game card), Fortnite: Darkfire Bundle offers up $80 worth of in-game content for $29.99.

Specifically, the Fortnite: Darkfire Bundle includes:

  • Dark Power Chord Outfit
  • Shadow Ark Outfit
  • Molten Omen Outfit
  • Dark Angular Shift Wrap
  • Molten Angular Shift Wrap
  • Shadow Angular Shift Wrap
  • Dark Six String Back Bling
  • Molten Battle Shroud Back Bling
  • Shadow Ark Wings Back Bling
  • Dark Strikers Dual-Wielding Pickaxe
  • Molten Strikers Dual-Wielding Pickaxe
  • Shadow Strikers Dual-Wielding Pickaxe
  • Unification Emote

That’s a pretty sweet deal if you plan to use it all. Those seeking the digital version can buy it directly through the in-game store or through first-party digital marketplaces. Since the retail version simply gives you a download code in a wasteful plastic box, it’s best to save that for gift-giving purposes.

For more information on Fortnite: Battle Royal, visit www.fortnite.com.