Blame it on the video game.

Whether it’s obesity or deteriorating social skills, video games are often pointed to as the “bad guy.” Now adulthood violence can be added to that list.

Last week the University of Michigan released a study that links playing violent video games and viewing violent content as a child to adulthood violence. The research, which dates back to the 1960’s when the lead scientist interviewed 856 third graders (and then tracked them for 30 years), found that repeated exposure to violent television shows and video games have a stronger influence on aggressive behavior than being poor, having a substance abuse or growing up with abusive parents.

“The study supports what has long been suspected: Viewing violent ‘entertainment’ and participating in ‘virtual violence’ have profoundly serious implications for society,” read the press release regarding the study. According to the researchers, video games, particularly the first person shooter games, could be more “dangerous,” than watching violent television shows or movies.

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