Creation of a web site and a blog dedicated to « Fullux » on Nintendo DSiWare.

“Fullux” is a new game developed on Nintendo DSi by the French studio Uacari.

A website and a blog dedicated to him will open on Wednesday 29th in order to present the game.

On this address you will find every kind of information’s on the game, and some originals rubrics who will allow you to discover the world of “Fullux”.

Website address:
Blog address:

About Uacari:
Uacari is a French multimedia studio, and Authorized Nintendo DSi and Wii developer, created in September 2007 by professionals of imaginary and creation.

To the Worlds Council,

Sirs, I have made a terrible discovery! In all the marvels of our World-Museum there is a prophet stone, in front of which I pass every day.

This morning, I’ve been witness to an inexplicable phenomenon… The old artifact burst into flames… right in front of me! It was really frightening, I’m still scared of it, but I’ve taken a Vision, sent to you with this message.

I don’t know what the meaning of this is, but I’m really afraid… And with this thing burning next to my door I can’t go out.

I beg you to do something!

Your devoted attendant