We enjoy sharing unique and fun content to our readers on the weekends.  This not only gives us a break from the daily grind with gaming news and announcements but also allows Nintendo fans and our readers the chance explore their favorite hobby in a deeper sort of sense.

With that being said, here is the first video from Gaijin Goomba.  Gaijin Goomba dives into various video games to uncover cultural references within some of our favorite titles.  His videos will be joining our weekly rotation in weekends as we try to add more weekend content and change up our rotation.  If you like this first video, check out more videos on the Gaijin Goomba channel on YouTube or just wait for another video next week!

If you have other suggestions for content to add to our weekend rotation, please feel free to let us know int he comment section below or shoot us an email (jhinton@purenintendo.com).