Most people remember their first experience playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES. When this little Italian plumber side scrolled his way into millions of American households, he proved that video games would not go the way of the hula hoop (well, until WarioWare).

Game Head celebrates the legendary game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto – The mind behind the legendary characters, in Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and more.

Geoff Keighley goes one on one with the mastermind, to talk about his beginnings at Nintendo, which of his characters he can most relate to, what he expects from other game designers, and which game he didn’t get to see to fruition, but may still be in the works… we may have found a hidden coinbox!

We then turn the tables on Miyamoto and have him play one of our games. Find out what he thinks about the Wii60 and Paris Hilton using his DS…

And, we got everyone to join in the celebration, including the men of, Mega 64, the Game Jew, AND the plump little plumber himself lends his voice to perhaps the biggest Game Head of all time! Mamma Mia!

Plus! GameTrailers goes On Location to I am 8Bit, an annual art exhibit devoted to the 8bit generation of video games, to find out how Miyamoto has influenced their work. Can you say fanboy? And they Download today’s hottest Mario videos.

Wait, wait, wait! That’s not all!

EXCLUSIVE: Make sure to tune in at 1am because we scored something special on CALL OF DUTY 4: MODERN WARFARE, before the trailer premieres during the NFL Draft.