I little while ago, Peter Moore of claimed that review scores are not important to Wii sales. Now few other industry people are chiming in on his clams.

“”I think that Metacritic scores are irrelevant for people who don’t look at them – how’s that for obvious?” Pachter said. “While there are many Wii owners who are hardcore and who care very much about scores, there are many – perhaps half – who are quite casual, and wouldn’t know Metacritic if it fell on them.”

-Michael Pachter

“But for indie guys like us, Metacritic and review scores matter a lot,” Gabler said. “In fact we link directly to them from our web site. So does Steam. It makes a lot of sense – potential players don’t feel comfortable dishing out cash for some random unknown indie game without an aggregate thumbs-up from solid reviewers.”

– 2D Boy’s Kyle Gabler

I kinda agree with both of them. For big developers like EA repetition alone will carry a game. If I look at the Metracrictic review scores anything 70, to me, is a good game. If you really think about it a 70 is still in the upper percentile of the scoring system. Now for smaller developers, especially for WiiWare titles, a review can make a break a game. World of Goo always looked fun to me. Not knowing anything about 2D boy, if the game received a bad review I would of been less likely to buy the game.