Guitar Hero 4 (PS3, 360, Wii, PS2)
– Create a song. Although these exclude vocals due to storage and possible copyright issues.
– You’ll be able to name your song as well as creating album art. After you’ve done all that you can upload it to GH Tunes where anyone can download it.
– You’ll be limited to 5 songs at first. But depending on the ratings you get you’ll possibly be able to upload 10 or more.
– The song sharing mode will be in the Wii and PS2 versions also, but GI says it’s unlikely that it’ll be as robust as the PS3 and 360 versions.
– Drums, bass, vocals guitar
– Create a rocker
– Create a guitar and drums
– All songs will be master tracks
– They don’t want to discuss specifics on track listing out of fear of being scooped by the competition. However they confirmed 4 bands: Van Halen, The Eagles, Linkin Park and Sublime.
– A new guitar designed by Red Octane that includes a new input mechanic that’ll “impact the way you play GH in the future”.
– GI saw see through notes while playing that Neversoft said was the new input mechanic and that they were trying to patent.


Mario Kart Wii: 8.5 8.5
Battle of the Bands (WII): 6 6.75
We Ski (Wii): 6.25 7.25
Wii Fit: 8 8.25
Drone Tactics (DS) 7 7
Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles (DS) 6.5
Summon Night: Twin Age (DS) 7 6.75
Ninja Reflex (Wii): 5
Emergency Mayhem (Wii): 5.5
MLB 2K8: Fantasy All Stars (DS): 5.5