Civ Revolution – 9, 9.25 – “Hands down, best strategy title to appear on consoles to date.”
Iron Man – 3.75, 4.25
Lego Indy – 7, 7
Boom Blox – 8.5, 8
We Love Golf – 6, 6.25
Blast Works – 8, 8.25
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 – 8.75, 9.25

Game Informer rips on games that gamers hold in high regard…

– Chrono Trigger – “CT proves that RPG dorks will buy anything Japanese and doesn’t make a lick of sense. For the rest of us, the game is nothing but a bunch of tired genre cliches…”
– Golden Eye – “For making FPS a console staple, we’ll admit Goldeneye is important. But so was the cotton gin, and we’re sure not going to waste our weekend playing with one of those.”
– Super Smash Bros – “SSB is the Celebrity Fit Club of video games;: a bunch of flubby has-beens assembled together to engage in meaningless jumping around for hours on end.”