Recently Pure Nintendo reported that game publisher Ripstone is bringing Pure Chess and Knytt Underground to the Wii U.

Now in an interview that is due to be published on Nintendo Everything it is revealed that Ripstone will be bringing more titles to the Wii U.  In the interview, Phil Gaskell, creative director at Ripstone, mentions that including Pure Chess and Knytt Underground there are a total of 6 games Ripstone plan on publishing for the Wii U.

“Yes we’ll be continuing to support Nintendo and the eShop. We’ve announced that the visually stunning Pure Chess is making its way over to both Wii U and 3DS, both of which look awesome and feature a great cross-platform multiplayer feature. We’re also working on a number of other games with developers that will appear on eShop but we’re not quite ready to show them off yet. Right now if we include the titles we’ve announced we have plans to bring 6 games to Wii U.”