Publishers generally hold the enthusiast press in utter contempt, and they have for a long time. This disdain began as scorn for the enthusiast media’s roots in videogame fandom, rather than traditional journalism from “respectable” publications, but it has since metastasized into a veiled but nonetheless seething anger over the advent of the Internet and with it the rise of fan sites, forums and blogs over which publishers can exert little pressure, let alone control. Thats alright Game Publishers if you don’t like us, becuase we love you, because you bring us games and stuff to talk about.  If you didn’t this site would be about something totally different, like Penguins, or clouds, or probably about Unicorns.


-N’Gai Croal

I’m not sure what to say…should I be mad? What I do know is that the world has changed over the past 10 or so years. Are blog sites and Nintendo Fan Sites essential? No not really, but to find all the news posted on a blog in one day would require visiting 4 to 17 different sites a day. I pretty sure 90% of you don’t want to do this, or even have the time to do this.