GamePro has made a least of the then “Worst Selling Handheld games ever made”.  With the Micro coming in at 8th with only 2.5 million sold.  I am just wondering how many of you out there have a Mico or anything on this list? What do you think of it?

8. GBA Micro (2.5 million sold)
While beloved by many and heralded by some as the best of three GBA models, the Micro has been the lone commercial failure in Nintendo’s expansive portable portfolio. First introduced at E3 2005 along with the unveiling of the Wii, the Micro was geared towards the few “image conscious” Game Boy owners in existence. While the screen set a new standard in brightness, even outshining the PSP, the Micro didn’t support original Game Boy games like the SP did, and it forced gamers to upgrade to pesky adaptors not compatible with previous GBA hardware. Even Nintendo admitted the Micro’s defeat saying “we failed to explain its unique value to consumers.”

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