GameChops, a record label that produces game music remixes, sent Pure Nintendo a preview of their most recent album ‘Year of the Yoshi’.  The record label has been growing in popularity with every album that is released and for good reason.  Their recent release, Remix Default, which was based on the music from the wildly popular RPG Bravely Default was very well done.  The Year of the Yoshi is by far one of my personal favorites so far.  The tracks are well done remixes but also contain a fair dose of our favorite little green dinosaur, Yoshi.YotY-cover2youtube

Year of the Yoshi is a collaboration between several artists including DJ CUTMAN, Kevin Villecco, Ben Briggs, Grimecraft, Kubbi, RobKTA, ABSRDST, ectogemia, James Landino, and Mega Ran.  The collection of tracks, which are listed below, contain samples from several games featuring Yoshi including Yoshi (NES), Yoshi’s Island (SNES), Yoshi Story (N64), Yoshi Falls (Mario Kart DS), Yoshi Star Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wii), and Yoshi Touch and Go (DS).

Year of the Yoshi Track Listing

1.Yoshi’s Back
2.No Yoshin’ Around ft. Mega Ran
3.Yoshi on a Half Shell
4.Yoshigemia ft. ectogemia
5.Yoshi Grand Prix ft. RobKTA
6.Dj CUTMAN – Yoshi’s House ft. James Landino
7.Yoshi’s Resort ft. Ben Briggs
8.Damn, Yoshi ft. Ben Briggs
9.Grimecraft – Yo, she…
10.ABSRDST – Yoshi Moshi
11.Ballad of the Yoshis ft. Kubbi


Year of the Yoshi releases on June 1st and more information about the album can be found at the Year of the Yoshi website.  Fans of Yoshi and GameChops can also also attend the listening party via Mixify on May 31st at 11:00pm EDT.

Year of the Yoshi is a remix album paying tribute to Nintendo’s Yoshi character! Remixes from Yoshi and Mario games from across generations. Get more info at

Featured Artists: Mega Ran, Dj CUTMAN, Ben Briggs, Grimecraft, ABSRDST, James Landino, RobKTA, ectoegemia and Kubbi!

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