Because Mario will somehow work his way into Liberty City

Rockstar is a powerful force in the video game business, but Nintendo could crush it with a single digital pinky. Not even the GTA peeps could withstand the repeated demands to include Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach as unlockable characters, and the thought of cruising the streets as everyone’s favorite plumber has us absolutely tickled.

Probably when I say this Nintendo fan boys will start throwing darts at my picture, but this is how I feel. I really do not want “THIS” version of GTA on the Wii. The things that are done graphically, and game-wise, in this GTA, the Wii just can not handle. With that said, I would not mind seeing speical GTA made for the Wii, I really do not think it will happen. I can see the CNN head lines now; “New Wii game lets kids slap prostitutes, and beat up hobos, with real life motion.” Man, there would be so much argument over a Wii GTA game.

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