I have been keeping an eye on the gamerankings for the past 3 weeks, ever since GTA 4 came out. I watched the struggle between GTA 4 and Legend Of Zelda Ocarina  of Time, as they fight for the number one spot. Each time GTA 4 took the lead, I hoped for a low review to knock it back down. Now the struggle has taken a new twist. It seems like Ocarina  of Time is missing a review which drops it back to the 3rd spot. Here is what a astute fan on the IGN boards noticed.

In a recent thread it was stated that the 360 version of GTA4 dropped on overall ranking below OoT like people expected to happen eventually, but the PS3 version was the top of the list.

However, now the list has OoT as number 3, the overall percentage score dropped but there are no new reviews. I believe it was around 97.85, it dropped .4 out of nowhere. The 360 version on GTA4 is now the top again, and the PS3 dropped, same as OoT. So, what the hell? Hopefully this doesn’t turn into an argument about whether or not OoT should be the best rated game ever, but it also shouldn’t have this stuff happening. Gamerankings is owned by cnet, and you probably know what happened with gamespot, another site owned by them.

Hmmm! something fishy is going on.

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