Zombii Attack Facts

·         Zombii Attack is an arcade survival game that offers fans a new level of addictive gameplay exclusively to Nintendo’s WiiWare and is rated E+10 and will cost 500 Wii points.

·         Launch or lunch, it’s up to you.

·         You play as a fortunate survivor trying to last in an infected metropolitan city over-flowing with hungry zombies who want to munch on you for lunch.  Armed with a slingshot and the laws of physics, survivors use their Wii Remote in a realistic natural motion in order to load and fire the slingshot with items such as anvils, tires, experimental highly-explosive z-bombs and even the undead themselves.

·         Powered by the state of the art Unity 3 game engine.

·         Use the Wii Remote to strategically slingshot various environmental objects as well as attacking zombies at approaching waves of hungry zombies and their secret hideouts in order to earn special weapons, ammo, armor and more.

·         Survivors must keep five rules in mind when playing:

o   Improvisation: Use zombies, explosives and other items to destroy zombies and their hideouts before they eat you.

o   Cash: Earn money destroying zombies.

o   Firepower: Always stock up with armor and improve your slingshot.  Remember to show no mercy because the zombies want you for lunch so you must destructive items at them and their secret hideouts.

o   Collect: Dr. Zii is looking for a cure. You are on the lookout for a certain type of zombie. You must collect this zombie as they contain elements needed by the Dr. to create a cure.

o   Defense: You can upgrade your barrier to better repeal zombies and repair it when damaged by zombies.