“With forecasters estimating this year’s sales will reach nearly $23 billion, it’s clear that gaming is the fastest-growing sector in the entertainment industry. The best part is that the trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing. In spite of predictions of a sluggish economy, gamers continue to invest their time and money into electronic entertainment.” – Barry Dorf, COO of GameStrata

From when the Wii came out until December or last year, I was working full-time, I spent at least $2,500 on gaming. That is not counting another $800 I spent on my HD TV, which I got for gaming. My $3,300 or so, is no where near the amount that some people spend, but I think it is a pretty good amount. I can see my self spending easily $30,000 on games by the time I turn 48, and another $30,000 until I die.

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