I hope all you Brawlers are ready? About 3 and a half days and we will be playing Brawl. For those of you who are planning on attending the Brawl tournaments at Gamestop, I just wanted to post the official rules and info about it from their official site.


To enter Round 1 of the Tournament, visit a participating GameStop location on March 8, 2008. To obtain the address of the participating locations nearest to you, visit www.gamestop.com/smash. All Contestants must check-in with the onsite GTD at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of play. Contestants who are not checked-in at least thirty (30) minutes prior to play may be eliminated from the Contest in the GTD’s sole discretion. On the day of Round 1, complete an official participation form, or if you are a minor (defined as under 19 years of age in Alabama and Nebraska, under 21 in Mississippi and under 18 years of age in all other states and the District of Columbia), a parent or legal guardian will be required to complete and sign the official form. After the form is signed, give the official form to the GameStop tournament representative who will call your name when it is your time to compete in Round 1. When your name is called, you will be given one (1) opportunity to compete against another Contestant at that location. Each Round 1 Contestant will be paired with another Round 1 Contestant in a one (1) minute match until one (1) Contestant is eliminated. The winner of each Round 1 match will then compete against another winner until only one (1) Round 1 Contestant has survived the elimination matches. The surviving Round 1 winner at each participating GameStop location will be declared the District Winner and will have the opportunity to compete in Round 2 of the Tournament.

All Store Winners will be determined on March 8, 2008 and will be responsible for getting to the one of 274 District locations where Round 2 of the Tournament will take place. If you are a minor, please consult with your parent or legal guardian before traveling to the location for Round 2. GameStop, Inc. (the “Sponsor”) is not responsible for any expense the winner or his/her parent (or legal guardian) incurs while traveling to the location of Round 2. The Sponsor will not reimburse any travel expenses to a Store Winner or his or her parent (or legal guardian).

Purenintendo.com will be attending one of the tournaments. We have not decided which one yet, but my plan right now is to take pictures and video of the event. I will let you know later which one we will be at. If I don’t see you there, hopefully, I will see you in the next rounds. As long as one of us are in the tournament, I will be covering it.

More Info At Gamestop.com