IGN: What specific Wii functionality will creators have access to when making a Wii Ware game? Can they save to SD? Can they do online? Wii Connect 24? Is it like a smaller (but full) Wii product, or is it standalone?

Prata: The Wii Ware developers will have access to the same functionality as they would a regular Wii disc game. The specifics you mentioned such as SD and online, Wii Connect 24, and episodic content is all there. They key point I want to stress though is that it isn’t required. Sometimes you make a game and it’s best expressed as a single player game or multiplayer game, and the advantage here is that we’re leaving it to the creators to focus their resources on the areas that best express their ideas. We won’t force their hand into functions or features that may or may not add value to the consumer.

I’m hoping for big things from Wii Ware this summer.  I want lots of cool, unique games that really take advantage of what the Wii has to offer.  What games are you looking forward to on Wii Ware, or new types of games you would like to see for the service?

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