Things are slowly kicking off at this year Game Developers Conference. Tomorrow is when the big fun starts, with Mr. Iwata keynote at 12 pm ET. I will be keeping an eye on things during Mr. Iwata speech and then Justin will take over at 1 ET and clean up everything that comes in after that. I’m not expecting anything to big out of Mr. Iwata speech, but he is going to talk about the DSi in America, so hopefully we will get some confirmation on the GBA/GB rumors. Stay with us here at for all you GDC coverage.

Also a little site note. You may of realized that the site has been a little slow in the morning recently, well the problem is a good one. In the mornings is when we get the biggest amount of traffic at once, and as we grow it is becoming a little to much for the server. Justin is in talks with our server guy to fix this problem. It may be fixed now, I don’t know I haven’t talked to him yet.