Cubed³’s Adam Riley: First up, what made you bring an XBLA game to Wii, rather than just port the original to PSN or WiiWare? Also, how long did the project take to complete?

Roger Carpenter, Senior Producer at Vivendi Games: Well the idea was Bizarre Creations’ to start off with, they had some cool ideas which would make it a full product rather than an ‘arcade’ product and the move to Wii and DS was well suited to that content. The development itself has taken less than seven months. There was a lot of chit-chat and planning before that, though.

AR: How will the Wii game make use of motion-controls and will gamers be able to use the Classic Controller or a GameCube pad if they feel like it?

RC: There’s no motion-control in Geometry Wars: Galaxies (GWG). We use the sensor/pointing tech instead. It’s far more accurate than motion sensing for Geometry Wars gameplay. The game supports the Classic but not the GameCube controller. That said, whatever the XBLA die-hards might think or say, the Wii-remote and Nunchuk combination wipes the floor as far as accuracy is concerned. We expect the highest scores on the leader boards to be set with the Wii’s native controller.

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