GI: How do you feel the Super Smash Bros. Brawl delay will affect sales of the Wii this holiday season?Harrison: I honestly don’t think it’s going to affect us at all. We announced it about 45 days ago, and we’ve had no slowdown whatsoever in the sales of the Wii. It’ll actually give us probably the strongest first half of a calendar year in 2008 that we’ve had in quite some time, with Smash Bros. coming in February and then not too long after that Mario Kart and Wii Fit. That’s three strong titles in the first half of next year, which should keep the hardware sales going very strong after the holidays.

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My honest opinion, I see Wii Fit coming out a lot sooner then Mario Kart. Wii Fit hits Japanese Shelves December 1.  I don’t see Nintendo waiting to much longer after that to release it everywhere else.  Well at least I hope not.