Nintendo have released free-to-play game Pokémon Shuffle on the 3DS across the globe today.

Announced last January, the game is a match-three puzzle game with a limited number of moves available, using microtransactions and cooldown periods, like so many mobile games.

Similar to Pokémon Battle Trozei, players must match three of the same Pokémon to deal damage. You’ll be able to buy items via in-game currency, which can be purchased or earned by playing the game.

Starting with five hearts, you’ll have to wait for them to replenish – or purchase more – to keep playing. They replenish at the rate of one heart every 30 minutes, and you’ll use one heart per battle.

Your goal of defeating opponents within a set amount of moves will require some strategic thinking in order to match up effective Pokemon types. Nintendo also plans to add more free content in the form of downloadable stages throughout 2015.

Have you downloaded your copy yet? Let us know if you’re enjoying the game, and we’ll be sure to hit you with a review soon too.