“[GH Studio] Includes GHMix, a full midi production studio with software samplers, dual Line6 effects processors, multi-buss mixing, assignable drum kits, a patttern sequencer with over 400 patters and much more. Essentially GHMix is a 5 track professional studio included with GH5. GHMix has been completely re engineered with higher quality guitar samples, new expressive guitar controls, and a redesigned user interface focused on ease of use.

“Also included is GHJam which allows 4 people to play live music together in a band using guitar or drum controllers. GHJam is perfect for live improvisation and replaces the need for midi drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and digital recording software.

“GHTunes allows people to create their album art and upload their songs to share with the world. GHTunes is a free service for both content creators and GH fans hungry for new music.”