Ghost Squad is, in nearly every respect, the next Virtua Cop incarnation. The title has changed, and the game is now more robust, but everything from disarming shots to headshots and a precision score multiplier system is all in tact. In addition, Ghost Squad blends the familiar light gun game with borrowed techniques from Confidential Mission, adding in more context-sensitive challenges that take place in tandem with shooting bouts. Everything from hand-to-hand reflex challenges to wire-cutting and sniping is included in the game, as SEGA gun patrons will feel right at home within the non-shooting shooter elements. There’s team members to assist you (and get in the way), hostages to rescue (and shoot at; we all do it), and of course a ton of bad guys doing overly-elaborate slide, break, and jump-in entrances right in front of you when a simple bullet to the head from 100 yards away would more than suffice.

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