Girls are spending more time playing PC games and video games than they were last year, according to a new NPD report.

Girl Power: Understanding This Important Consumer Segment, showed how girls aged two to 14-years old

The survey uncovered what categories are poised for growth as girls continue spend time and money on traditional toys and games, but are broadening their engagement with and spending on categories such as apparel, consumer electronics, books, music, movies, and video games.

“Some very traditional play patterns still are the most popular among girls, even in this digital age,” said Anita Frazier, industry analyst, The NPD Group.

“Over 50 per cent of girls ages two to 14-years old engage with dolls, plush, and arts & crafts in a given week which is a testament to the evergreen nature of these types of activities for girls.”

According to the report, tweens (age 9-12) are migrating to computer and video games, especially virtual world online games.

Socialisation is gearing up among the pre-teens, and the advent of interactive gaming really hits home with these girls who are looking for friends from the confines of their homes.

Young Teens (age 13-14) are also gamers, but many girls this age are also now listening to music on portable digital music players and talking/texting on their mobile phones.

“Girls, in general, are famously social creatures,” said Frazier.  “The growth in use of social networking and virtual world websites by girls is a natural extension of this core value which needs to be recognized by manufacturers who count girls as primary market for their goods and services.”