I was very curious about the hype surrounding Zack and Wikki: Quest for Barbaro’s Treasure. I just had to go out yesterday and pick up a copy for myself. I have only played about and hour and a half, and 5-50 levels so far.  So this isn’t a review just a rant, a good rant.

Zack and Wikki is a great change of pace, from all the shooters that I have been playing, Metroid Prime, Halo3, and so on.  There is a kind of calm and relaxation  about the game. With its strange but interesting characters, to its Rayman raving Rabbids type of Humor.  The Wii-mote motions just feel amazing. Can’t really say enough about how good it feels. The puzzles are very well done. I am enjoying them so far. We will see how I feel once I get to the harder puzzles. Anyways this isn’t a review so I will stop there.  Just wanting to let you tell you. Check out this game!! 

The Non-official, pre-finished score.  9/10