Originally released in 2011, Go! Go! Kokopolo is sadly being removed from the DSiWare service at the end of this month. The action-puzzle-platform game was developed and published by Tanukii Studios Limited, who describe it as the “world’s first chase-em-up”.

The game received favorable reviews upon release, and there is no word as to why it’s being pulled from the eShop at this time, but apparently it is a permanent removal. The optimists among us might speculate that it will herald further news of the 3DS sequel, which was first mentioned two years ago before disappearing into obscurity. We were promised 80 new stages, 10 new boss fights and multiple playable characters, so this would be a welcome surprise for fans. Ultimately a sequel does not explain the need to pull the previous version.

For those uninitiated, Go! Go! Kokopolo is a colorful and humorous game, using styles inspired from the likes of Pac-Man, Flicky and Chu Chu Rocket to blend mazes, platforming and puzzle elements together. The game sees you take control of a cat, who basically runs around, annoying other creatures until they chase him, before ultimately leading those critters to certain doom.

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And if you’re interested in picking up Go! Go! Kokopolo before it leaves the eShop for good, head online to grab it now. If you need more convincing, check out the trailer below, or the official Go! Go! Kokopolo website for more details..