No more messy wires – just gaming full on

Get the full benefit from your Nintendo Wii gaming experience

Zappies Ltd is proud to announce another in the range of Wireless peripherals. This Wireless Nunchuk allows you to play your favorite Wii games without being limited by the Remote-to-Nunchuk cable. Compatible with all games requiring a nunchuk. Simply snap the wireless receiver to the bottom of your Wii Remote, press the synch button on your wireless nunchuk and you are ready for non-stop, wireless gaming.

An integrated LED status indicator on the receiver lets you know when you are connected, synched and ready to game. No need to buy batteries. Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and USB cable included. 4-player compatible. This is all you need to take your Wii gaming to another level!

Coming with a lifetime warranty, more peripherals will be released in the coming months from Zappies Ltd.

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