Taken from a Joystiq interview.

Joy: What inspired the concept behind the film?

: Well, I never thought seriously about there being an evil Wii Remote. But, with all our short films we want to get into some kind of conflict as quickly as possible. So, the Wii is a really fun, happy place, and we wanted to mess around with that a little bit, and figure out its dark side. And there we go. That’s how it came together.

Joy: Are you all Nintendo fans?

Paccione: Yeah, definitely. I actually camped out for the Wii. I camped out in Staten Island, where I’m from. I sat in the rain, where the hordes of fans were waiting. Thank God I was able to get one then. No one can even get one now! The first thing I grabbed was Nintendo Wii with the left hand, and Zelda with the right hand.

Joy: So how did you find out about the Nintendo Shortcuts competition?

Paccione: It was Jerry, he’s like our PR/research guy. He calls me up and says “Yeah, we got another competition. Alright, let’s go.” So basically, we follow the same steps. He’ll write it, send it to us, we make it a storyboard, draw it out, basically like a comic strip. And then we hit the street running. All of our stuff takes about two, three weeks to film.

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