New York, NY, (March 11, 2011), the source for employer rankings, ratings and reconnaissance, is once again helping undergraduate and graduate students get a jumpstart on their careers with its latest release of the Top 10 U.S. Internships as well as the Top 10 internship programs across a number of industries and categories, such as best perks and most unusual experiences. For the first time, is also highlighting the Top 10 Non-Profit Internships.

While the economy is improving and job openings are increasing, the unemployment rate remains at 8.9%, making internships still the best bet for students looking to advance their careers. With competition for these internships at an all-time high, Vault’s latest ranking helps students find the right match for their skills, values and needs.

“Internships offer the best opportunity for future job candidates to test-drive a potential career and, in this economy, they are both more preparatory and more crucial than ever,” said David Limm, education editor at “Tighter federal regulations on unpaid internships have expanded the capacity for real work experience, and employers increasingly view them as prerequisites to a job. Students need to know that internships are vital to their careers, and they should know, too, which companies, among so many thousands, offer the best programs.”


Vault’s editors selected the Top 10 internships from a pool of hundreds that represent career opportunities and a chance for students to flex their professional muscles. Putting themselves in the shoes of students and young professionals, editors ranked internships based on criteria they felt mattered most—pay and perks, on-the-job training, unique experiences and resume radiance. Over 800 internships were profiled by Vault this year.

In addition to the Overall Top 10, Vault includes Top 10 lists for both Finance and Creative/Liberal Arts internships and for those internships that offer some of the most unusual experiences and best perks. has also expanded its offerings to examine the best non-profit internships, including Food for the Hungry, Teen Voices, National Women’s Health Network, and the Carnegie Foundation, among other organizations, many of which have never been featured among the Top Internships by Vault in the past.

“The economy has resulted in a shift of focus when it comes to the job search,” noted Limm. “Students are not only focused on making a quick buck and are now taking into account the quality of a prospective employer when searching for an internship. Today’s best candidates are becoming more interested in companies that advocate social responsibility while doing business, and that makes non-profit internships more viable and rewarding.”

For the complete lists of all of Vault’s Top Internships, click here.

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