Epic Games and Lionsgate have joined forces in collaboration, one can assume is to build hype for the John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum movie.

There is a brand new in-game event based on the film franchise. It includes a pretty cool, Wick’s Bounty limited time mode as well as free John Wick challenges. The brand new limited time mode is so much fun that it has to be my favorite one aside from the Avengers: Endgame LTM. The challenges allow players to earn rewards such as the Gold Coin Back Bling, the One Shot Glider, and Boogeyman Wrap. Fun Fact: Winning a victory royale in the brand new Wick’s Bounty LTM will grant you both the One Shot Glider umbrella, and the holographic umbrella if you own the season nine battle pass.

Alongside the LTM challenges, a brand new skin themed after the movies came to the item shop: John Wick. It has two variations, one that is damaged with his long hair back, and the other not damaged with shorter hair. There were also some cool new emotes, based off of the movies: Bulletproof & Be Seeing You. And don’t forget the brand new sledgehammer pickaxe!

Below are all the details on how this brand new limited time mode works:

Wick’s Bounty LTM Details


  • Eliminating a player awards one gold coin for every elimination they have + however many bounty points the target had.
  • Top three coin leaders are displayed on a HUD scoreboard (Bounty Leaders).

250 coins

  • Coin leaders have a gold/silver/bronze #1/2/3 icon over their heads

400 coins

  • Coin leaders can be seen on the map/compass when they are nearby and moving or shooting.

600 coins

  • Coin leaders can be seen by everyone on the map/compass when they are moving or shooting.
  • Coin leaders will have a gold/silver/bronze glow around them

Once a player crosses the last point threshold, they will remain on the map and have the alt Wick skin for the rest of the match, even if they lose the point lead.

First to 1000 tokens wins the match.