Avanquest Software Publishing, a leading consumer software and games publisher, is soon to release Water Sports for the Nintendo Wii. Gamers can jump on their Wii Balance Boards and experience the unique feeling of kite surfing, wake boarding, windsurfing and water craft racing as they take to the waves in exotic locations around the world.

In a unique wake boarding multiplayer mode, the game allows one player to drive a water craft while the other is towed on the board behind. Relying on the driver to set up runs, the boarder must concentrate on executing big tricks and rack up high scores as they are launched off ramps and onto rails.

Balance Board

Reflecting a real life water sports experience with an arcade feel, users get the best of both worlds. Steering using the Wii Balance Board, gamers can perform tricks using the Wii Remote and must shake the control to build speed while windsurfing. The game’s adjustable difficulty settings allow people of all ages to give Water Sports a try. While the Wii Balance Board is used to enhance game playability, players can still experience the fun of the waves in Water Sports without it.

Tricks and Trophies

Gamers can pull off huge air and combine tricks such as ‘Supermans’ and ‘Raileys’ with flip tricks and spins as they compete in time trials and earn trophies. Each sport has different possibilities with adapted freestyle tricks for water craft racing and real life moves such as ‘Barrel Rolls’ and ‘Toeside 540s’ for Wake Boarding.


Controlling windsurfers, kite surfers and water craft’s across locations including California, South Africa and Australia, players face unique jumps and obstacles on every course. Each sport records the time taken to complete a course so that players can monitor their progress and aim to move up the leader board.

Rendered in stylised 3D, Water Sports on the Wii is the most fun you can have without getting wet. Players can choose from a number of characters ranging from a tattooed muscle-bound wake boarder to a laid back surfer dude and take to the waves while in the comfort of their own living room.

Fast facts:

Publisher: Avanquest Software Publishing

Developer: FrontLine Studios

Distributor: Centresoft, Gem Distribution, Ideal Software, Interactive Ideas

Release date: 26th February

PEGI: 3+

Format: Nintendo Wii

Genre: Sports

SRP: £24.99