Graphite Lab is looking to fund their game Hive Jump on Kickstarter.  The game is a 2D pixel shooter that they plan to release on PC, Mac, Linux, and Wii U. Other platforms will be added to that list depending on if those stretch goals are reached.  In Hive Jump players, called Jumpers in the game, will face a 24th century battle to the death against hordes of alien creatures.


The platforming shooter looks amazing and is host to many unique features.  Some of these features include permadeath and something called ‘Sprite Lamp‘.  In Hive Jump players will be equipped with a backpack that acts as a mobile respawn point and if destroyed, players will be left with no lives.  This unique take on permadeath will require players to literally lay their life on the line for their backpack.  Another cool feature that Hive Jump features is Sprite Lamp.  This dynamic lighting technique is a unique way to add lighting effects into the game. In the case of Hive Jump it appears that the weapons are where Graphite Lab is focusing their use of Sprite Lamp.


Hive Jump can be played as a single player experience but will also feature drop in drop out 2-4 player local or online multiplayer!  Multiplayer is almost a must for games nowadays but the Hive Jump multiplayer looks incredibly fun in videos released by the developer.  There are a ton of awesome rewards for supporting Graphite Lab on Kickstarter and the game looks great.


We definitely encourage gamers to check out the videos that Graphite Lab has put out, some of which are featured below, browse over their Kickstarter, and then throw them a pledge to help them reach their funding goal! Right now the goal is set at $50,000 and as of this writing they are at 31% funded with about $15k raised.  So good luck to Graphite Lab and we hope that we can see Hive Jump hitting the Wii U soon!


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