GI: The game draws tracks mostly from Dookie, American Idiot, and 21st Century Breakdown.

TC: Yeah, three albums on one disc, who knew?

GI: Are there songs from other records in the game?

TC: Yeah, there are select songs from other records. We wanted to get stuff from 39/Smooth and Kerplunk! on there, too, but the tapes are really old. I don’t know if you know about analog tapes, but to transfer them you need to play them. They are kind of stuck together right now. You have to “bake” them, and then you have one chance to run it over the machine to transfer it to make stems. Once it hits the head, it comes off the other side shredded. We’re making sure we have the right dudes to do it. We’re actually booking it; there’s one place in Burbank that still does it. We’re going to bite the bullet and shred our old tapes and put it to digital.

GI: Do you hope to have timetable for when you can do that stuff as downloadable content?

TC: Whenever’s clever, baby.

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