Greetings people of!! I just wanted to pop in and say a little hello from the great state of WV. I am up here doing some work, where there is no cable, cell phone coverage, and the only Internet connection is a small local library where i am at right now. Even though I am not doing much, if any, posting while I am up here, I am still working on a few things for you. Even if I don’t have my “normal” comforts of life, I do have my gaming systems!! So I decided, and have already been working on some game reviews. Some of the game reviews I have planned are: Sim City DS, revisit my Madden 08 review (not for the better), and the big one I have already started is My Metroid Prime 3 verses Bioshock. There has been great debate on which one is better. You can probably be expecting all of those sometime after I get back home, Oct 2. Until then have a good rest of the week and enjoy TGS.