Gentlemen, plural, start your engines.

In his recent review of GRiD Autosport for Nintendo Switch, Justin Sharp wrote, “GRID Autosport is almost in a class of its own on the Nintendo Switch. The game is one of the best looking Switch games and is the best racing simulator experience available on the console.”

That’s pretty high acclaim, and that was without a multiplayer component! However, that won’t be an issue for much longer. Feral Interactive has announced that two free updates will make multiplayer racing available to all owners of the game.

The first update will be released on December 16th, and will add both two player split-screen racing and local wireless multiplayer for up to eight players. Those hoping for online multiplayer racing will get that, too, but not until 2020.

Racing fans who haven’t yet checked out GRID Autosport will want to head on over to Feral Interactive to do so.

GRID™ Autosport is the first full-on racing simulator for Nintendo Switch, engineered to deliver an irresistible mix of high-speed thrills, believable handling, and challenge that scales to your play.

Step into a career as a pro-racer, mastering the world’s fastest cars to win motorsport’s most exciting races, from the hallowed asphalt of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the narrow city streets of Barcelona.

GRID Autosport is available now on the Nintendo eShop for $34.99.