• Survivor Mode – Your standard deathmatch (online)
  • Gang Bang – Blow up your opponents base before they blow up yours
  • Defend the Base – A co-op mode defending a base against waves of mobsters
  • Single Race and Season – Vehicle-based multiplayer modes
  • Cash and drugs can also be exchanged with friends online, as well as your “favorite” locations around the city
  • This tip was submitted to gonintendo, and the tipster goes on to explain in the comments:
    • Tipster – Just to explain, all of these modes may be online – they were all dotted around the review pages with a Wi-fi logo next to them. However, Deathmatch was the only one with a written confirmation of being playable online (it will also contain AI controlled police officers to crank up the action)

So according to this, there will be at least one online multiplayer mode: Deathmatch, and possibly more.  We’ll know for sure when the game releases this Tuesday, March 17.