Guilt Battle Arena, a frantic 2D local multiplayer and couch combat game from Invincible Cat and ForwardXP, is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

Guilt Battle Arena challenges players to attack their opponents with only a single bullet. After firing, the bullet can rebound to make the shot more effective. Players will have access to various crazy-sounding weapons and enemies, like raining chickens and exploding cats.

The game features seven multiplayer modes, including capture the flag with canons, and hot potato with a bomb. A Co-op mode is also available. The game offers plenty of gear like jetpacks or invisibility to assist players, with over 45 outfits available.

The developers are also promising future enhancements and upgrades to the game, with the first free update coming in April. The update will bring bots to the Versus mode, so that players can enjoy the experience with or without friends. The update will also bring a new voting system to the Battle Arena, as well as a major update to Co-op mode that allows dead partners to return as helper ghosts.

Guilt Battle Arena is available now across the Americas, Europe and Australia at the special launch price of $9.99. Will you be picking this one up on your Switch? Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts.